Monday 15th November, 2021. 5pm
The latest vaccination figures show that more than 93.5% of residents in the MidCoast LGA are fully vaccinated while more than 95% have received their first dose.
To put this in perspective:
🇬🇧 67.42% of people in the U.K are fully vaccinated
🇺🇸 57.53% of people in USA are fully vaccinated
🇮🇹 72.5% of people in Italy are fully vaccinated
🇫🇷68.55% of people in France are fully vaccinated
*according to Our World Data as of Nov 13
While our LGA doesn’t compare to the size of the above nations, it’s a useful tool in seeing how high our vaccination rates are.
Thank you for playing your part in getting vaccinated and thank you to our healthcare heroes who have made this milestone possible to achieve.
You can get vaccinated Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm at the 56 Chatham Avenue clinic, Taree and get your booster shots too.