I have been advised by Manning Base Hospital of the updated visiting hours below.


UPDATED COMMUNICATION:   Update on Visiting Hours across all LMNCS facilities | Effective 18th December 2021

Attention All staff: Update on Visiting Hours across all LMNCS facilities

NSW Health has temporarily restricted visitors to all healthcare facilities, due to increasing transmission rates with the emergence of the Omicron variant.

Visitors will only be permitted in limited circumstances for essential patient needs, such as for compassionate reasons and/or supporting women in labour, providing care for children in hospital, or for palliative care.

IN ADDITION:   Manning Maternity Restrictions are as follows:

  • ANTENATAL Clinic (ANC): Women must come on their own.
  • Early Pregnancy Assessment Service (EPAS):  Exceptions can be made on an individual basis for compassionate grounds.

Maternity: The Participant in Care (PiC only). They must have an exemption form filled out. The PiC may/may not be vaccinated.

The PiC is to wear a mask at all times.

This is subject to change at short notice.

Any person permitted to visit must agree to wear a mask and follow advice from health staff.