“Sign my petition and join the fight to improve our local Roads. I am calling on the Government to commit $50 million to partner with MidCoast Council in delivering a $100 million Roads package over the next 4 years.”
Stephen Bromhead

To the Honourable the Speaker, Premier and Members of the
Legislative Assembly of New South Wales.
The Petition of residents of the Myall Lakes Electorate
Brings to the attention of the House the condition of the roads within the MidCoast Council area. MidCoast Council has a road network covering 3,299km including 542 bridges, 195 of which are timber. On merging the Council inherited a $180 million maintenance backlog for roads and bridges, the citizens of MidCoast Council are paying a Special Rate Variation to fund $50 million to address the backlog.
The undersigned petitioners therefore ask the Legislative Assembly to match the $50 million to allow $100 million to be committed to tackling this backlog over the next four years.
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